White Papers/Selected Vendors of Products

The following is a list of numerous white papers and links to commercial vendors and products, I produced or gathered over the years.

Vendors and Products

Configuration Control & Management Tools [08/12/97]
Documentation Standards [08/12/97]
Object-Oriented Technology Guidelines [08/12/97]
Developing Quality Web Sites [08/12/97]
Software Capability Maturity Model [08/12/97]

White Papers

Re-engineering Principles [08/12/97]
Database Technology [08/12/97]
Firewalls [08/12/97]
Software Development Guidelines [08/12/97]
Software Development Tools and Products [08/12/97]
Web Development Tools [08/12/97]
Business Process Re-engineering [09/03/97]
CASE Technology [09/03/97]
Data collection and related Issues [09/03/97]
Ethics [09/03/97]
Experiments Validity [09/03/97]
IS Management Issues [09/03/97]
Learning Theories [09/03/97]
Multimedia I [09/03/97]
Multimedia II [09/03/97]
Types of Presentations [09/03/97]
Prototyping Technology [09/03/97]
Developing Questionnaires [09/03/97]
Rapid Application Development [09/03/97]
Sample Definition and Selection Issues [09/03/97]
Software/Systems Development Life Cycle I [09/03/97]
Software/Systems Development Life Cycle II [09/03/97]
Strategic Planning I [09/03/97]
Strategic Planning II [09/03/97]
Structured Walkthroughs [09/03/97]
Telecommunications I [09/03/97]
Telecommunications II [09/03/97]
Telecommunications III [09/03/97]
Telecommunications IV [09/03/97]

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