"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!" - Anonymous

Welcome to World Wide Education, Training & Consulting - a pioneering organization for the advancement of global services in the area of education and training!  Our firm is committed to building bridges between various organizations representing educational and training institution providers and business firms across national boundaries through the exchange of skills and knowledge.  We connect the best educational institutions to our business organization clients to facilitate knowledge management and providing business solutions through expertise consulting.

Our customers are, on one hand, reputable educational institutions and training organizations, and on the other, business firms in need for highly educated, knowledgeable, skilled and trained employees.  We also provide exchange of domain expertise through our consulting services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to excel in the area of facilitation of knowledge and skills exchange on a global scale.  World Wide Education, Training & Consulting' s (WWETC) philosophy is that the world peace and many other problems can be solved through cooperation between nations, free and equitable trade and exchange of goods, services, knowledge and expertise.  We strive to be a leading provider of our named services.  Quality of our services and customer satisfaction are our continuous goals.

Company Profile

World Wide Education, Training & Consulting has been founded in 2000.  Its president, Dr. Cliffford (Cliff) R. Kettemborough has over 30 years of Business/IT/Aerospace Engineering/Education and Training industry experience with very large business organizations in US and Europe.  In addition, Dr. Kettemborough's passion for the same number of years has been teaching, education, training and consulting.  He has taught or conducted over 600 courses, seminars and workshops at numerous universities, colleges, and training organizations in US, Europe and Asia (as a highly sought corporate trainer).

Dr. Kettemborough has also extensively traveled all over the US, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South America (Operation Impact) and Asia conducting his corporate training and graduate teaching sessions. In addition, he is a regular (keynote) speaker at various international conferences. He also enjoys cultural exchanges, meeting new people and helping business firms to solve difficult challenges through the use of Information Technology. Consequently, to further expand his rich knowledge and experiences in the filed, Dr. Kettemborough, as a natural next step, started this new firm, World Wide Education, Training & Consulting (WWETC).  In particular, Dr. Kettemborough through both his industry and educational background, helped numerous educational setting utilizing his both formal and practical educational leadership knowledge and skills.  Here is a summary of international courses he conducted.

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